Dessert Menu

We think dessert is a very important part of any day. We officially give you permission to eat dessert before your main course, with Nancy’s approval of course (psst: she’s a big softie and always says yes!)

Nancy’s Air Field Cafe’s Dessert Menu

Deepest Darkest Ginger Cake
with citrus sauce and creme chantilly ~ 8

Chocolate Bread Pudding

with whisky sauce & whipped creme ~ 5.5

Individual Seasonal Fruit Crisp

A Cafe signature dish, a la mode ~ 5.5

Dad’s Favorite

Peppermint stick ice cream, hot fudge sauce (just the way Nancy’s dad liked it – simple and clean. No nuts, no whipped cream, and no cherry) ~ 6

Dessert Tasting Bite
If you didn’t save room for a full serving of dessert, you may order a sample of bread pudding or crisp for a sweet ending to your meal ~ 2.75

Seating Policy

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