Nancy’s Air Field Café Seating Policy & Reservations

Nancy’s Air Field Café Seating Policy

The ‘Flight Deck’ dining room faces the runway and features a row of very large picture windows offering a panoramic view of air field activity showcasing small airplanes of all types coming and going like the birds and bees in the garden. The ‘Flight Deck’ also has an Emergency Exit Door that opens directly onto an active aircraft operating area with planes taxiing by just feet away. For this reason airport management has mandated that this dining room be reserved for our guests and their families over the age of six. Young children have breached the door in the past and airport security now mandates this policy. We thank you for your understanding and support to keep our youngest patrons safe.

We hate to think that our patrons younger than six and their families should miss any of the aviation action while seated in the ‘Main Deck’ dining room’, so we have installed a 65” monitor streaming a live view of aircraft activity so our youngest patrons can still enjoy the excitement of the airplanes coming and going! We’ve also added an age appropriate airport themed toy box, markers, paper, and high chairs for your convenience.

For the “full sensory” airport experience, we invite you to view airplanes from the grass area between the large parking lot and safety fence. Sometimes a pilot passing through there might even offer you a peak into their aircraft!

Thank you for your understanding,
Nancy McPherson, Chef/Proprietor


Call Ahead Seating

  • Call the Café at (978) 897-3934 up to an hour before your estimated arrival to add your name to the wait list.
  • Please check in with the host or hostess when you arrive to activate your call ahead seating position.
  • When your name comes up we will be happy to seat you provided your entire party has arrived.
  • To keep the restaurant flow intact, we will remove your name from the list, if you have not checked in after an hour of your initial call.

Very occasionally we will suspend Call Ahead Seating if it is too busy to accommodate    everyone in a timely manner. Note: This is not a reservation, merely a way to gently temper your wait.

Nancy’s Air Field Café Reservations

Evening reservations are suggested and encouraged, especially for special menus such as on the Solstice and on Valentine’s Day. Events such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, when the Café predicts a high volume of customers, reservations are noted as “Required” to assure quality service. For reservation please call Nancy’s Air Field Café at (978) 897-3934 and leave a message on the machine. We will call you back to confirm your reservation.