The Story of Nancy’s Air Field Cafe

Chef/Proprietor Nancy McPherson

Minute Man Air Field started as a 1700 ft grass landing strip known as Erikson Field by local pilots back in 1963. The airport was purchased by Paul McPherson, Don’s father, in 1966. Paul’s wife Peg also opened a small coffee shop on the field called “Peg’s Place”.

The former grass strip was improved and re-opened as a full-service airport and renamed Minute Man Air Field on July 1, 1969. When Nancy and Don married in 1977 the Café was in need of a Manager as Peg had retired. With a brief hiatus to raise their children, Nancy has run the Café ever since. Don operates Minute Man Air Field, keeping the tradition of a truly family-run business alive.

Nancy’s Air Field Café and the Minute Man Air Field have a strong community of pilots, non-pilots, artists, and food connoisseurs alike who enjoy visiting the Café. Big or small, everyone loves to watch the airplanes come and go through the big picture windows making you feel part of the aviation activity. Reputed as a fly-in and drive-in destination, customers may come for the airplanes and unique atmosphere but come back for Nancy’s food & warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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*For call ahead seating please call the Air Field Café at (978) 897-3934
*For special holiday reservations please call the Air Field Café at (978) 897-3934 and leave a message on the machine for a reservation. We will call you back to confirm.

We can’t wait to see you at the Café!
~Nancy McPherson, Chef/Proprietor and our wonderful staff