Wage Equity Policy

The Pandemic has highlighted the ongoing frustration I have with the American restaurant wage system and tipping. Now, servers are paid less than minimum wage which is subsidized by customer gratuities. Tip percentages are often unreliable, especially throughout the Pandemic. Additionally, by law tips cannot be shared with the whole restaurant team, many of whom make huge contributions to great customer service behind the scenes.

I would not be a responsible restaurant owner if I wasn’t trying to fix “America’s tip problem” and bring greater wage equity to my employees. Our team has discussed restructuring Nancy’s Café’s wage distribution for years. With current labor shortages and the loss of all but three employees, we are taking a giant step to remove the Café from our industry’s traditional wage/tip model. Bear with us as we endeavor to establish a new wage paradigm for our staff.

With immediate effect:
• ALL Café employees will be paid a minimum of $15/hour (servers currently have a base wage of approximately $6.15 and a tip average of 25%+)
A 20% administration fee will be added to every bill IN LIEU OF TIP. (Additional gratuity for exceptional service is appreciated but not expected.)

I thank you for your understanding and support